Key Areas of Expertise

  1. Organisation Transformation - Translating federal/state legislative and sector reform into transformation programs for organisations involving restructuring, process reengineering, skills recruitment, training and development, financial modelling, risk management, information system development/realignment.
  2. Stakeholder Management - Developing and managing extensive stakeholder networks, recognising and harnessing competing priorities in order to achieve required direction. Quickly developing strong personal working relationships with key stakeholder individuals and key influencers.
  3. Government Networks - Developing and utilising extensive networks across Commonwealth, State and Local Government, business and industry to provide access to decision makers in order to communicate issues and seek to influence decisions. Understanding of Commonwealth, State and Local Government decision making processes both within bureaucracies and by elected representatives.
  4. Managing Complexity - Concurrently managing multiple streams of highly complex and time critical activities such as stakeholder management, new national legislation and establishing a greenfield organisation to provide regulatory services and activities. Leading complex shifts from traditional funding arrangements and associated operational models to customer focussed methods of operation.
  5. Leadership and Management - Successfully leading and managing organisations providing highly diverse services across transport, infrastructure, human services and community services.